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MarketingCrew is a Marketing Insight Crowdsourcing Platform to support startups' successful global scale-up. 
Especially, we are specialized in Southeast Asia. 


PLATFORM TO COLLABORATE with opinion leaders, marketers, creative minds to drive your business 

Considering there are 500M+ startups worldwide,  3 million+ pieces of content shared by Facebook every minute, and 90M+ websites are newly built every year, a startup has a challenge of "getting noticed" by potential users as much as building a great product. 

MarketingCrew is created  to help startups reach & engage quality users to achieve their potential on a global stage


Our team defines your value propositions, crafts a compelling story, creates beautifully immersive content, and presents it to our MarketingCrew application users. 

Our users (MarketintgCrews!), who reside in six Southeast Asian countries - Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam - read through the story in our application (MarketingCrew - Insight Reward) and submit their positioning message & local market information.  Some selective users provide in-depth insight reports to share their opinion about specific questions from project startups. 







Startups unanimously dream about growth hack. But many of them lack marketing resources – budget, experience, knowledge, personnel.

Alix (founder) consulted startups for global marketing and found their common misunderstanding on marketing: considering “marketing = marketing campaigns.”

Before jumping into campaigns, such as Facebook advertising, Influencer marketing, PR and offline events, startups should define their positioning strong enough to persuade consumers to buy their products. 

By skipping this stage, startups are often found to achieve low marketing ROI or get lost in the middle of marketing campaigns.  Please don’t forget this:

ENGINEERS bring a concept to life.

MARKETERS enliven the product.

And POSITIONING is the foundation for that marketing success.



Southeast Asia

Huge population - 650M+  growing richer fast 
High mobile penetration - 1.5+ mobile device per user  
Ready to create viral on Social Media  - Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand in the Top 10 Countries on Facebook 

But, little is known about the consumer lifestyle in this important region. For positioning, understanding consumers’ lifestyle is mandatorily required. Moreover, the economy in this region is rapidly improving, so is its consumers' lifestyle.



MarketingCrew – we help startups achieve their full potential in the global market.

As a solution to help startups create successful positioning and to make that positioning up-to-date in the Southeast Asian market, MarketingCrew was created.

As a team of MARKETING STRATEGY veteran, DESIGNERs who are mobile graphic & game artists and star CONTENT EDITOR, we create persuasive content to introduce startups' products to consumers.  Plus, we directly ask our app users how to persuade their local consumers to buy these products. And we promote your story on our social media so that startups can build their awareness, reputation, credibility fast and  acquire quality fans all around the world. 

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