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MarketingCrew Your 6-week Global Marketing Team 



″ The aim of marketing is to understand the customers so well the product fits them and sells itself. ″

- Peter Drucker -  


MarkeitngCrew is a unique market-first approach platform optimized for startups' global scale-up.

Our in-house team plus 2,000+ Southeast Asian consumers (=MarketingCrew app users) become your global marketing team during the project period of six weeks. 




Alix, founder & CEO of MarketingCrew, found many startups misunderstand marketing is advertising.

But, before investing in advertising, startups need to build a successful positioning that sells itself. 

Our MarketingCrews rack our brains to find & validate THE positionig to make your business successful. 


Keep this in mind. 

ENGINEERS bring a concept to life.

MARKETERS enliven the product.

And POSITIONING is the foundation for that marketing success.




Southeast Asia - an ideal primary target for startup's global expansion 

  • 650M+ population with rapidly growing consuming power 

  • The most mobile- & social media-connected region 

  • Westernized Asia: Geograpically located in Asia. Culturally influenced by Europe & US  

But, little is known about the consumer lifestyle in this important region. So, MarketingCrew crowdsources local consumer insights directly from local consumers. 




#ScaleAgile #StayLean

Startups dream of a growth hack. But, most startups lack resources to achieve it. 

With MarketingCrew, you don't have to bear a burden of hiring employees to go global. 

Our experienced professionals create your strategy and present your story to the world. Furthermore, you engage your potential customers in seconds to validate your market and to sell your product! 



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to achieve your global potential while minimizing your risks. 


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